M2G Wolf-Guard Home Security System

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Wolf-Guard RFID+Touch Keypad GSM SMS Home Security System Android APP Control M2G

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Brand Wolf Guard


Wolf-GuardM2G will send SMS and auto dial to the preset phone number when any sensor (door sensor, PIR sensor...) is triggered. Once dialed, the recipient can then listen in and even broadcast their voice over the control unit to scare away the intruder, and the siren will sound on the spot at the same time. All of these things will make it very hard for anyone to get into your home or business and help you keep enjoying all the comforts of your family. You can set the preset number to police station, and also record some voice(less than 10 seconds) into the system, then when alarm panel calls the police station number, the policeman will hear your voice which you have stored into the system. This alarm system comes with the advanced technology of Two-Way SOS talking. It is the combination of a powerful home security alarm system and SOS Emergency Call function. Press the SOS key, the alarm panel will auto dial the preset SOS number(you can set the SOS number of family member/local hospital). When the call gets through, the speaker is default on, then the user can talk with his family/ Hospital staff directly. It gives seniors and their caregivers the freedom of independence as well as peace of mind. It is ideal for homes with baby or elderly inhabitants, as the remote for the alarm comes with a panic button that may also be used as a caretaker emergency notification system.
1.2 wired and 100 wireless defense zones
2.RFID+Touch Keypad
3.Editable Alarm SMS
4.Android APP Control

1. Support bi-lingual audio, shift by one-key control;
2. Support 10 RFID Cards, which can disarm and control the relay switch;
3. 100 wireless zones, 2 wired zoned, and 10 remote controllers;
4. 20 seconds voice record;
5. The main panel can be used as a wieless telephone;
6. Low-power alert and tamper alarm;
7. Alarm SMS is editable;
8. Power Off/Recovery/Low Power Alert.