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GSM RFID alarm system with Touch Screen

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Brand Wolf Guard



※ Elegant and advanced capacitive touch keypad for easy operation;
※ 128×64 lattice LCD screen with clock display; display language changeble;
※ 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones; each wireless zone supports max 10 sensors; 10 RFID cards;
※ Support maximum 8 remote controls;
※ Built-in high-volume speaker, and artificial intelligent digital voice announcer;
※ Control panel tamper alarm function with SMS alert;
※ SMS alert for external power failure or recovery;
※ Built-in battery low power SMS alert;
※ Defense zone sensor tamper alarm and low power SMS alert;
※ RFID card operation with SMS notification;
※ Remote control the device to arm, disarm, monitor, and intercom by phone;
※ Record checking: the device can store 30 alarm records.
Power Voltage: AC=110~240V±10%, DC12V/1A
Standby Current: <50mA
Alarming Current: <450mA
Wireless Frequency: 433MHz±0.5MHz
Siren Volume: 110dB
GSM Frequency: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
Wireless Receiving Sensitivity: 5mV/m
Working Temperature: 0℃~+40℃,≤90% (no fog)
Anti-interference: 1V/m (Frequency range: 20-1000MHZ)
RFID Card: 10pcs
Wireless Sensors: 100pcs
Remote Controls: 8pcs