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Fully protected with Foscams 2MP Full HD WiFi security kit FN7104W-B4-1T

Euport can offer you the new WiFi Security Camera System Foscam FN7104W-B4-1T. This set consists of 4 cameras & 1 NVR with built in harddisk. Get the whole system for complete wireless protection of your home, business or other valuable property! View all ins and outs in our webshop.
Some features:
  • - Complete protection of your possession
  • - Full HD resolution (1980x1080P): ultimate visual experience
  • - Easy and stable connection, thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi integration
  • - Long night vision distance (up to 20 m)
  • - 1TB pre-installed hard drive. Supports up to 6TB
  • - Motion Detection. Cameras support motion detection, triggering video recording immediately. Also supports continuous recording
  • - More efficient streaming for optimum viewing experience with newer video stream compression H.264+ Codec
fn7104w fn7104w

New firmware for Foscam cameras D2EP, R2M, FI9912(E)P, G4(E)P & R4M

New firmware available for Foscam 2MP cameras D2EP, R2M, FI9912P & FI9912EP. In this version 2.x.2.58 (releasedate 24-09-2020) Foscam improved the Human Detection feature.


For 4MP cameras G4P, G4EP & R4M firmwareversion 2.x.2.53 (24-09-2020) is released. These are the updates:

  • * Optimize remote connection experience;
  • * Optimize WiFi connection and stability;
  • * Add SD card formatting feature;
  • * Add MJPEG feature;
  • * Adjust the infinite Pan/Tilt cruise function;
  • * Fix some bugs


De firmware is te vinden op onze downloads pagina. U kunt de firmware ook via de app installeren.

Now available: Foscam D4Z, 4MP Dual-Band WiFi PTZ outdoor security camera

This 4MP vandal proof Dual-Band WiFi Pan/Tilt/Zoom dome camera works with both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Dual-Band Wireless network, providing the ultimate in flexibility and performance. With 350° horizontal and 85° vertical rotation the D4Z has excellent coverage. 4x optical zoom ensures perfect close-up details.

In short, a great addition to our assortment. View this camera and all other great Foscam products in our webshop!


New firmware for 2MP cameras D2EP, FI9912(E)P & R2M

On September 3rd 2020 Foscam released new firmware for the 2MP cameras D2EP, R2M, FI9912P and FI9912EP. In this firmware (2.x.2.56) the following issues were addressed:

  • * Optimize remote connection experience
  • * Turn off the infinite cruise function
  • * Optimize WiFi connection and stability
  • * Optimize accuracy of human detection
  • * Add SD card formatting feature
  • * Add MJPEG stream feature
  • * Fix some bugs

The firmware can be found om our downloads page. You can also install the firmware in the app.

Now in our webshop: Foscam's new securitykit FN7118E-B4-1T

This set, consisting of 4 cameras (FI9912EP) & 1 NVR (FN7108HE), makes sure your home and everything in and around it, is fully protected! 


Main features:

  • * Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology makes cabling much easier by providing power through network cable that connects camera to NVR
  • * Full HD resolution (1980x1080P): ultimate visual experience
  • * Easy set-up, no tricky configuration necessary
  • * Multiple options to view and control images
  • * 1TB pre-installed hard drive. NVR supports up to 4TB
  • * Set comes with 4 cameras, 4 additional cameras can be added tot the system
fn7118e fn7118e

Find everything you want to know about FN7118E-B4-1T by clicking on one of the images.

New at EUport:

Cameras, NVRs & complete security kits

Now available at EUport: Reolink, a wide range of cameras (resolution from 2 to 8 MP), NVRs and complete security kits. We can offer you bullet cameras, dome cameras, pant/tilt/zoom cameras, suitable indoors and outdoors, NVRs and several security kits with 4 to 8 cameras + NVR. A very complete range for a very nice price!

View our entire range by clicking on the image below.

Reolink cameras work seamlessly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (except 4G LTE camera). You can watch real-time images on the screen with hands-free voice commands and integrate the Reolink cameras with other Smart Home devices easiliy.

New firmware D2EP, FI9912(E)P, R2M, R4M & G4(E)P

On June 8th 2020 Foscam released new firmware for the 2MP cameras D2EP, R2M, FI9912P and FI9912EP. In this firmware (2.x.2.52) the following issues were addressed:

  • • Add pre-recording feature to Cloud recording
  • • Optimized working with Alexa feature
  • • Optimized firmware upgrade process

Also on June 8th Foscam released firmware for the G4P, G4EP and R4M. In this firmware 2.x.2.51 the same issues as mentioned above were added/solved + support empty WiFi password.


The firmware can be found om our downloads page. You can also install the firmware in the app.

New: Foscam W21 webcam, ideal when working from home

In these times, working a lot from home, you need to have the right equipment to do your work properly. For example, if you have to make online videocalls or teach online, a good webcam is essential. At Focam you can now order the Foscam W21 webcam, an excellent webcam for a very nice price. With this webcam conferencing, video calling, online teaching and live streaming is easy.

This webcam with 84° wide angle lens captures high definition image and video at 1080p/30fps. Great for video streaming. The W21 with built-in microphone can automatically capture your voice in rich stereo audio. Some other features:

  • * USB Plug&Play, simply connect this FHD webcam to your computer or laptop
  • * The computer webcam is widely compatible with PC and laptop with Windows 7 and above, Mac OS, Android 5.0 and above, Linux system. Also works with several messaging platforms (Skype, Zoom etc.)
  • * Privacy protection. The W21 webcam comes with a Privacy Cover, which can cover your webcam when not in use
  • * The webcam can be freely placed on the table and fixed on your computer display or laptop

By clicking on one of the images, you will see and read all about this new webcam.

Firmware update G4(E)P, R4M, FI9901EP v.3 & FN7108HE and software update Foscam app

Firmware update

Foscam released new firmware for the 4MP cameras G4P, G4EP, R4M and FI9901EP v.3. In this firmware (2.x.2.47, releasedate 23-04-2020) the following issues were addressed:

  • * Speed of scanning QR Code optimized
  • * Accuracy of the motion detection area settings optimized
  • * Certificate of https updated
  • * Improved the firmware upgrade experience
  • * Fixed other known bugs

The firmware can be found on our downloads page. The firmware can also be installed in the app.

In firmware update 1.x.3.4 for NVR FN7108HE (releasedate 27-04-2020) the certificate of https is updated and upgrading camera firmware from NVR web page is supported.

G4EP, G4P & R4M NVR FN7108HE
Software update

Foscam also released a new version (2.3.9) of Android & iOS Foscam app to all customers. Updates:

  • * Add WDR function
  • * Optimize the device add page
  • * Optimize SD card search
  • * Fix known bugs

Upgrade free Foscam Cloud Service

On April 15th 2020 Foscam changed her policy regarding free Foscam Cloud Service. Read more in this newsletter.

Foscam Cloud Service is a platform for IP-cameramanagement. Foscam Cloud can record videos as long as motion is detected and lets you review, save and download every video and photo captured by your Foscam cameras. You can access your Cloud video history via Foscam App or web page anytime anywhere. Never miss an event!

Foscam Cloud Service contains several subscriptions including an 8-hour free video history plan with a validity of 365 days, available for newly registered users in the Foscam App (after Jan 1, 2018) who have never subscribed to Foscam Cloud before. On April 15th this plan has changed into:  

7 day video history with a validity of 30 days for new users that have not used Foscam Cloud Service before.

You have been informed about this change in the Foscam App through notifications. As of April 15 you can upgrade to the new plan. You can do this using the notification in your app. Once you click in the message, you will get to the page you see in the screenshot below and upgrade if you wish.

You do not have to upgrade, you can also stay on the 8-hour plan until the end of the validity. But if you do upgrade to the 7-day plan, you can not go back to the 8-hour plan. Foscam Cloud Service is an extra service Foscam offers besides storage on SD-card, recorder or pc.  

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