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New firmware D2EP, FI9912(E)P, R2M, R4M & G4(E)P

On June 8th 2020 Foscam released new firmware for the 2MP cameras D2EP, R2M, FI9912P and FI9912EP. In this firmware (2.x.2.52) the following issues were addressed:

  • • Add pre-recording feature to Cloud recording
  • • Optimized working with Alexa feature
  • • Optimized firmware upgrade process

Also on June 8th Foscam released firmware for the G4P, G4EP and R4M. In this firmware 2.x.2.51 the same issues as mentioned above were added/solved + support empty WiFi password.


The firmware can be found om our downloads page. You can also install the firmware in the app.

New: Foscam W21 webcam, ideal when working from home

In these times, working a lot from home, you need to have the right equipment to do your work properly. For example, if you have to make online videocalls or teach online, a good webcam is essential. At Focam you can now order the Foscam W21 webcam, an excellent webcam for a very nice price. With this webcam conferencing, video calling, online teaching and live streaming is easy.

This webcam with 84° wide angle lens captures high definition image and video at 1080p/30fps. Great for video streaming. The W21 with built-in microphone can automatically capture your voice in rich stereo audio. Some other features:

  • * USB Plug&Play, simply connect this FHD webcam to your computer or laptop
  • * The computer webcam is widely compatible with PC and laptop with Windows 7 and above, Mac OS, Android 5.0 and above, Linux system. Also works with several messaging platforms (Skype, Zoom etc.)
  • * Privacy protection. The W21 webcam comes with a Privacy Cover, which can cover your webcam when not in use
  • * The webcam can be freely placed on the table and fixed on your computer display or laptop

By clicking on one of the images, you will see and read all about this new webcam.

Firmware update G4(E)P, R4M, FI9901EP v.3 & FN7108HE and software update Foscam app

Firmware update

Foscam released new firmware for the 4MP cameras G4P, G4EP, R4M and FI9901EP v.3. In this firmware (2.x.2.47, releasedate 23-04-2020) the following issues were addressed:

  • * Speed of scanning QR Code optimized
  • * Accuracy of the motion detection area settings optimized
  • * Certificate of https updated
  • * Improved the firmware upgrade experience
  • * Fixed other known bugs

The firmware can be found on our downloads page. The firmware can also be installed in the app.

In firmware update 1.x.3.4 for NVR FN7108HE (releasedate 27-04-2020) the certificate of https is updated and upgrading camera firmware from NVR web page is supported.

G4EP, G4P & R4M NVR FN7108HE
Software update

Foscam also released a new version (2.3.9) of Android & iOS Foscam app to all customers. Updates:

  • * Add WDR function
  • * Optimize the device add page
  • * Optimize SD card search
  • * Fix known bugs

Upgrade free Foscam Cloud Service

On April 15th 2020 Foscam changed her policy regarding free Foscam Cloud Service. Read more in this newsletter.

Foscam Cloud Service is a platform for IP-cameramanagement. Foscam Cloud can record videos as long as motion is detected and lets you review, save and download every video and photo captured by your Foscam cameras. You can access your Cloud video history via Foscam App or web page anytime anywhere. Never miss an event!

Foscam Cloud Service contains several subscriptions including an 8-hour free video history plan with a validity of 365 days, available for newly registered users in the Foscam App (after Jan 1, 2018) who have never subscribed to Foscam Cloud before. On April 15th this plan has changed into:  

7 day video history with a validity of 30 days for new users that have not used Foscam Cloud Service before.

You have been informed about this change in the Foscam App through notifications. As of April 15 you can upgrade to the new plan. You can do this using the notification in your app. Once you click in the message, you will get to the page you see in the screenshot below and upgrade if you wish.

You do not have to upgrade, you can also stay on the 8-hour plan until the end of the validity. But if you do upgrade to the 7-day plan, you can not go back to the 8-hour plan. Foscam Cloud Service is an extra service Foscam offers besides storage on SD-card, recorder or pc.  

UPDATE Live demos & peregrine news: the first eggs hatched

Exciting news: the first eggs (in Liempde) hatched recently. Follow the falcons live stream by clicking on the image below.


Did you know we have a page available on our website where you can view livestream videos of several locations? View them all here: 'Live Demo's'. Convince yourself of the sharp video feed.

Two of the livestream locations are bird breeding boxes for peregrine falcons. To overview the breeding process in these boxes, Foscam made cameras availabe so people can monitor the birds from laying the eggs to the flying out of the youngsters.

One camera (Foscam FI9961EP) is placed in a breeding box on the south tower of the Catharinakerk in Eindhoven. The other camera (Foscam D2EP) is mounted in a breeding box on a churchtower in Liempde.

The first eggs have been layed and we already see a peregrine falcon brooding in Liempde. We don't know if this is also going to happen in Eindhoven, but we do hope so. The past few years several young peregrine falcons have grown up in these bird breeding boxes and have flown out. We are counting on a succesful sequel.


Firmware update R4M, G4(E)P & C2M

Recently Foscam released new firmware for the 4MP cameras G4P, G4EP, R4M and FI9901EP v.3. In this firmware (2.x.2.45, releasedate 24-02-2020) we added the dynamic rich media function, shortened the P2P connection time and fixed some bugs. The same improvements apply to the Foscam C2M (firmware 2.x.2.18, releasedate 24-02-2020).

4MP c2m

The firmware can be found on our downloads page. The firmware can also be installed in the app.

Google Assistant support at Foscam

In the past few months, Foscam has added several new features on the security cameras. These features are free of charge and are easy to use (they work through Foscam Cloud).

Besides Amazon Alexa we now also support Google Assistant. With a simple voice command you can view live images of your camera on your smart home screen. Very handy when someone rings the doorbell or if you hear something and you want to take a peak without any physical action.

Google Assistant

Read more about these great new features on our webpages Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Here you can also find the supported models.

And don't forget our other feature AI Human Detection. With this feature the camera can detect human activities, eliminating 'false alarms' triggered by flying insects, moving pets or other objects (f.e. floating balloons), and push notifications to your devices when there might be a danger detected.

New in our webshop: Hikvision HiWatch Series

A series of professional cameras, network video recorders, kits and other security products. Easy to use, attractive price, reliable quality! We have several types/models available: Indoor/outdoor, vandalproof bullet- and dome cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras etc. For network and storage you can choose from multiple NVR's.

View our entire Product Range!

HiWatch highlights
IP Solution, with advanced features:

  • * H.265+, high efficiency codec. Reduces bandwidth, decreases storage requirements, improving overall system performance by up to 83%.   Compared to H.265, H.265+ can double surveillance recording duration
  • * WDR, Wide Dynamic Range for excellent imaging. WDR technology enables cameras to maintain image fidelity without detail loss when   there is harsh backlighting
  • * Hik-Connect en iVMS-4200. Allows end-users to connect to Hik Connect Cloud Server for powerful device management and enjoy live   views from multiple cameras on a PC or via smartphone
  • * EXIR, extended Infra-Red power. For 24-hour surveillance, at night, and in dark environments, infra-red technology is essential. Hikvision's   EXIR provides a higher luminous efficiency for infra-red surveillance, improving images where and when it's critical 
  • * Ultra low-light performance. Ensuring rich and colourful images in low-light scenarios, even down to 0.005 lux

New version Foscam app: Quarter-screen added + firmware update

Recently Foscam has updated the Foscam app. In the new version we added the quarter-screen function which supports up to four-channel playback. With this new feature you have a great overview of four of your cameras in one glance.

You can find the button for the quarter-screen between the menu button and the '+' -button (see screenshot). The new version is for Android and iOS.

Screenshot button Quarter-screen

Should you have any questions about this new feature, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Firmware update
On 2 January 2020 Foscam released new firmware for the 2MP cameras D2EP, R2M, FI9912P and FI9912EP. In this firmware (2.x.2.48) we added the dynamic rich media function, shortened the P2P connection time and fixed some bugs. The firmware can be found om our downloads page. You can also install the firmware in the app.

Foscam DDNS service discontinued from 31 December 2019

Due to DDNS remote access technology’s lower security status, Foscam has to close DDNS application entry. Cameras will not support using Foscam dynamic domain name (DDNS) to remote access from 31st December 2019. Customers who do not use Foscam DDNS will not be affected.

Foscam focuses on security products, security is the most important. DDNS remote access technology has a lower security level than P2P remote access technology. Therefore, DDNS remote access technology does not meet Foscam's requirements of security in future developments.

If you still use Foscam DDNS, please be sure to read the instructions to adjust your settings (if applicable).

The instructions are in Dutch. If you have any trouble reading them, please contact us at support team for translation or other questions about this subject.

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